Healthier Schools, New Mexico
Part 2: How Teachers are Introducing Technology in the Classroom

* Many younger teachers today grew up on video games. And what better way to teach math and English skills to kids than by using games? Instead of standing at the head of the classroom scratching chalk numbers across the board, many teachers have used online learning to reinforce their lessons. Websites like subscription service offer each student their own personal account, so they can keep track of their individual progress.

* Around the world, children as young as kindergarten are getting their homework via iTunes, listening in to podcasts, and using social media as a tool to communicate with children around the globe. Just think, twenty years ago, if you wanted to have a pen-pal, you had to wait for weeks at a time between letters. Sometimes the wait was months! Today your kids can have daily conversations with children on the other side of the world using instant messaging or video chats!

* In Australia, schools have started online classrooms. This is partly due to the remoteness of the areas some children live in. It's also part of a move toward getting families more involved in their children's education. If your child is attending a school online, you're more apt to take a more in-depth interest in your child's education.

* Presentation Tube is a new technology to look out for. Similar to an interactive white board, it offers more flexibility. Presentation Tube allows educators to upload videos, hand-written notes, lesson plans, graphs, charts, and anything else the teacher feels is appropriate. The program then combines all this information and creates a seamless presentation for the teacher to use.

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